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The Bulgarian platform for corporate equality and inclusive working environment Work It OUT was honored by the international IT company Reward Getaway

GLAS, which founded Work It OUT two years ago, will co-operate with the RG Technology Foundation to develop the platform. The London-based RG Foundation will fund Work It OUT’s next year activities to help the platform expand its activities towards building a strong and proud LGBT community of professionals from various fields, developing seminars, workshops and trainings for companies, as well as information campaigns to raise awareness of LGBT diversity and inclusion issues in the workplace.

GLAS Campaigns

We won’t stop the violence with more violence (Video, online)

The campaign is part of The Rainbow Shield project – Enhancing the legal protection of LGBTI people in Bulgaria. The aim of the project is to enhance the legal protection of LGBTI people in Bulgaria and to raise awareness among the LGBTI community about possibilities for reporting through https://wearetolerant.com/ and legal protection in cases of discrimination and other violations of their rights.

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100% of Bulgarians are a minority of some kind, and no one is insured by hatred on the basis of this sign. Do not be indifferent: react to the hate speech and the crimes motivated by it. Find out more at stophate.bg

Attitudes Towards LGBTI People in Bulgaria – 2018

Data is from a national representative survey conducted in Bulgaria in the period August 9 – September 11, 2018 by the THB BBSS amongst 1 000 people.

Glamortal Kombat Ball

GLAS Foundation organised the first ball in Bulgaria – Glamortal Kombat Ball, based on a model of the ballroom culture. A total of 17 participants in 6 different categories voted in front of an audience of over 100 people in the National Student House – Sofia.

Different People, Equal Rights

Everyday LGBTI people face disrespect for their rights and different forms of discrimination. In response to this trend, the project “Together for the Rights of LGBTI in Bulgaria” reveals the personal stories of several inspiring personalities who are not afraid to show their true colors.

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