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A donation campaign for Rainbow Hub’s new home is launched

A donation campaign for Rainbow Hub’s new home is launched

In 2021, at a trans community event, a presidential candidate and his followers attacked the LGBTI+ community center, Rainbow Hub. This devastating act left the community without a safe space for almost two years. Despite the temporary Rainbow Hub, housed on the corner of Gladstone St., to allow for a timely recovery, the security and sustainability of the community hub continued to be under threat.

During Pride month, the GLAS and Bilitis foundations announced that, with the support of Shalom, the Jewish Community Organization, Rainbow Hub would have a secure and long-lasting space – a 180 square meter apartment in the historic center of Sofia.

The apartment is in need of extensive renovation to become a fully functional community center. Thanks to funds raised after the 2021 attack, the foundations were able to invest €65,000 of the total €120,000 needed. For the remaining amount, GLAS and Bilitis announced a donation campaign.

Sofia Pride is also behind the cause and the profits from the bars during the biggest event in defense of human rights in Bulgaria were donated for the reconstruction and maintenance of the new space.

Together, let’s stand up to hate and reclaim our safe community space. Your donation, no matter its size, will bring Rainbow Hub to life – a symbol of hope for the LGBTI+ community in Bulgaria.

You can make a donation to any of the following accounts:

Bilitis Foundation

IBAN: BG16RZBB91551010535017

KBC Bank Bulgaria

GLAS Foundation

IBAN: BG88BGUS91601003409800

Bulgarian-American Credit Bank

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