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CPD to react against hate speech towards the gay community

CPD to react against hate speech towards the gay community

“We call on the Commission for Protection against Discrimination, as an independent specialized state body for equality, to publicly respond to the latest statements of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, Minister of Defense and leader of the nationalist party VMRO-BND Krassimir Karakachanov. In recent years, the public advocacy of the CPD in defense of marginalized groups has been completely absent. We remind you that according to points 10 – 13 of Art. 47 of the Law on Protection against Discrimination, the Commission must carry out preventive and advocacy activities”, reads the open letter distributed to the media, signed by the Organizing Committee of Sofia Pride, Bilitis Foundation, LGBT youth organization “Deystvie” and GLAS Foundation.

We remind you that in a statement to the media in Varna about the protests in the country, Mr. Karakachanov said that their goal is to “bring gay marriage to Bulgaria and create a gender republic.”

According to the organizations, this statement does not simply replace the essence of the protests’ demands. It also uses widespread prejudice against LGBTI people to incite the public to negative attitudes.

“Bulgaria is a state governed by the rule of law and in it the equal treatment of the people is guaranteed by the Constitution of the country. This protection, therefore, is also enjoyed by people of homosexual orientation, trans and intersex people. “Our country should comply with European and international legislation for the protection of human rights, including the protection of the rights of LGBTI people,” the letter said.

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