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GLAS Foundation’s Christmas Party “Drag Soc” is on the 26th December

GLAS Foundation’s Christmas Party “Drag Soc” is on the 26th December

What happens when you mix drag and socialism? DRAG SOC, or more precisely the next extravaganza The GLAS Foundation is happy to invite you to.

We wanted to continue the topic of LGBTI+ people and socialism, which we started earlier this year with the innovative “Homosoc” exhibition, but this time we decided to do it through the prism of drag. Why? To try to assume a different, let’s call it queer perspective of this still provocative period in our recent history. To look with new eyes at the stereotypes and myths of the era, but also to have fun.

To this end, we have invited two drag queens to give their interpretation of socialism by using the magic of drag art.

So … lights, music, dance, extravagant outfits, makeup, lipsync! In a nutshell, DRAGSOC!

But can there be drag in socialism and socialism in drag?

Come find out on December 26, 2019, at EXE Club, starting from 9pm.

Featuring the drag queens Enigma and Katrin Bardak.

DJ Kaloo will be behind the DJ console.

Entrance is free.

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