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More than 40% of the Bulgarian voters would support a party with a positive attitude towards LGBTI people

More than 40% of the Bulgarian voters would support a party with a positive attitude towards LGBTI people

34.8% of the respondents would vote for a party that supports the rights of LGBTI people if its positions on other important issues coincide with theirs. And another 6.4% say their support for such a party would be unconditional. At the same time, 38.3% are against the political force they support taking a pro-LGBTI position. 20.5% say they wouldn’t judge. This is shown in the results of a nationally representative survey conducted by Alpha Research in the period between February 26 – March 1, 2021, commissioned by the GLAS Foundation and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

Also, according to the survey, the majority of Bulgarians have a neutral or positive attitude towards real or potential LGBTI people in their circle of acquaintances, neighbors, colleagues and relatives. Nearly half (48.9%) say that they treat or would treat them like everyone else – not based on sexual orientation, but based on their human qualities. Another 12.9% said they would be more caring to LGBTI people than others, as they were often attacked and insulted.

“The results of the survey show that political parties should not be afraid to state their support on LGBTI equality in our country. Unfortunately, for the last few years we have heard only silence on their part. And for most parties, this would only lead to consolidation, and probably even attract more electoral support, “said Simeon Vassilev, chairman of the GLAS Foundation.

The highest percentage of support for a potential positive attitude towards LGBTI rights is expressed by the voters of “Democratic Bulgaria” (75%), followed by “Izpravi se! Mutri vun! ”(58.6%), “GEBR-SDS” and “Nyama Takuv Narod” are with the similar 53.2%. The highest levels of disagreement were expressed by the voters of “Volya-NFSB” (66.7%) and “BSP” (60.9%) and “VMRO” (56.3%).

The survey was conducted among 1,013 people, residents of different sized populated place and aged between 18 and 61+ years.

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