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The GLAS Foundation is organizing this year’s second ball POWER Politics Kiki Ball

The GLAS Foundation is organizing this year’s second ball POWER Politics Kiki Ball

The GLAS Foundation is organizing a Spring Ball as part of Sofia Pride 2019’s cultural program Sofia Pride Arts.

The event will take place under the title of Power Politics Kiki Ball on May 18 in the National Student House. The theme of the ball is inspired by the slogan of Sofia Pride 2019 – “Do not give power to hatred, give power to love.”

The format of the kiki balls is focused not on the competition but on the freedom to experiment and try new things. That is why all participants with no prior experience are welcome.

The Kiki Ball will consist of two parts – two dance workshops (90 min each) during the day, and the ball itself in the evening. One of the classes will be led by our special guest judge from Vienna – Katrin Blantar, the mother of House of Vivi. Katrin a.k.a. La Draganda is an artist, dancer and anthropologist with many years of experience in the field of performing arts and dance. She has made a significant contribution to the development and flourishing of the ball scene in Vienna through regular events related to the voguing and the local LGBTI community.

This time there are three more categories – Realness, Old way vs. New way, and Spectator performance. It’s open to the ones who have no experience in voguing but love to dance.

The music will again be provided by the unique Julieta Intergalactica. Commentator of the ball will be activist Viktor Stranski, and the event will be hosted by Miryana, a.k.a bumblepig, the mother of the House of Vagrancy.

Additional information on the other judges will be provided soon, and if you want to participate in any of the categories, you can register here. Keep an eye on everything around the ball on the Facebook page of the event.

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