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The people in Bulgaria are becoming more accepting of LGBTI people

The people in Bulgaria are becoming more accepting of LGBTI people

The public opinion of Bulgarians on LGBTI people, family and gender issues is still dominated by traditional stereotypes, but although slowly, skeptical opinions are changing, mainly because of people’s personal experience and contact with the topic. This is according to a summary of the results of a nationally representative survey carried out by Alpha Research between 12 and 20 April 2023 among a sample of 1,000 adults across the country.

42% of adults in the country would not change their attitude towards a loved one if they found out they were LGBTI, compared to 36% who would react negatively. 43% consider themselves tolerant of LGBTI people, compared to 46% in the opposite position. One in three say they would feel comfortable working with an LGBTI person, and 34% support the idea that publicly inciting hatred in relation to LGBTI people should be punishable as a crime.

The survey confirms a trend established in previous years – the more direct impressions and contacts with LGBTI people the more likely they are to overcome the barriers lowered by the dominant stereotypes. This is why more understanding and acceptance towards LGBTI is shown by inhabitants of big cities, highly educated, young and middle generations. Conversely, inhabitants of small towns, older generations and people with less education are among the most distant and most likely to share negative attitudes.

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